Faith. Life. Adventure. 

YWAM Destination Paradise is a YWAM campus located on Ambergris Caye, Belize. We are a community dedicated to growing in faith and life by learning and experiencing God together. Our motto, Adventure Begins Here, speaks to the heart of our identity. An awesome adventure begins at our campus here in Belize with our DTS and second level schools, and then goes much much further. Outreaches and internships take our students around the world. Our goal is that the YWAM DP experience as a whole launches an adventure with God that lasts a lifetime…and beyond.


Lecture Phase

 The first three months of my DTS experience takes place at YWAM Destination Paradise’s oceanfront campus in Belize. Each week I'll pursue God by exploring a different topic, each taught by a dynamic speaker. In addition to great teachings, my days will include small groups, one-one discipleship, prayer and intercession, worship, team building and adventure opportunities that make YWAM DP one of the most exciting DTS programs in the world.

Outreach Phase

After lecture phase, you’ll embark on a two-month cross-cultural outreach, activating your learning and faith like never before. It’s tough. It’s intense. It’s awesome. You’ll probably face primitive living conditions, long days, hard work and other challenges. You’ll live, work, worship, pray and minister as a team. Sharing God’s love in word and deed can take many different shapes – from painting a police station or holding orphaned babies to facilitating a hospital-based vaccination program or teaching a bible study in a local church. Outreach locations are prayerfully determined during the lecture phase and could be anywhere in the world. Outreach is led by YWAM DP staff members.



Campus Life

Pastel colored casitas, sandy paths, barefoot breakfasts, prayer beneath the palm trees, beach volleyball, bible study, snorkeling, sailing, worship on the dock, open air dining, diving…and always the shining blue backdrop of a Caribbean sea. Here we live, learn and grow as we follow Jesus together. This is our home and we’d love you to join us. Get equipped to serve God and have a great time in the process. YWAM Destination Paradise’s beachfront campus offers an amazing location to pursue God passionately and purposefully. Much of the activity on campus occurs right beside the ocean – in the open-air dining hall, beach, dock or water itself – where the combination of ever-changing ocean blue and refreshing breeze inspires both solitude (quiet reflection, study and prayer) and fellowship (conversations, bonfires and fun). Our ruggedly beautiful campus reflects the heart of island life: sandy paths, palm trees, weathered casitas (little houses), iguanas, and an overall ambience of simplicity and community. At YWAM DP, a sense of adventure is part of the atmosphere, activity and allure. While its by no means the focus of our training and schools, we do enjoy the adventure experiences that island life offers. Our schools are intense. YWAM DP students and staff work very hard, and likewise we appreciate the opportunities to play hard! Scuba diving, sailing and snorkeling are a part of the adrenaline, awe and excitement that makes YWAM DP’s campus experience unique.

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